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Enjoy Travelling with RV Insurance in Saint John and Sussex

Insuring your recreational vehicle (RV) is a no-brainer. Let Carnaghan Thorne Insurance find you the policy that covers your specific vehicle and anticipates future issues so you can explore Ontario worry-free. Protect your investment with just the right plan. Get the RV insurance Saint John and Sussex camper owners prefer.


Types of RV Coverage

Under certain insurance plans, if you have troubles with your RV while out travelling the nation your policy can cover you and your family staying in a hotel until the necessary repairs are made. Each RV insurance plan has different perks and benefits. Some of the insurance plans we offer cover your RV when it is written off. These policies include:

  • Guaranteed Replacement Cost – you get a new RV that is similar to your old one, with no price limit.
  • Standard Replacement Cost – you get a new RV that is similar to your old one, up to the insured amount.
  • Actual Cash Value – you only get back what you would have sold the RV for.

Carnaghan Thorne Insurance is here to help you find the perfect insurance plan for your RV or motorhome. Call us today for a quote on our RV insurance policies in Saint John and Sussex.