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Saint John and Sussex Car Insurance to Fit Your Needs

Whether you’ve been rear-ended in rush hour traffic or your car slid off the road on an icy day, it is important to have the proper car insurance in Saint John and Sussex. Carnaghan Thorne Insurance is proud to provide the local community with various car insurance plans for your vehicles.

Our car insurance plans in Saint John and Sussex cover more than just your average car, with Carnaghan Thorne Insurance you can get insurance plans for:

  • Cars
  • Trucks
  • SUVs
  • Antiques

Create an insurance plan that suits your needs through our custom plans. Protect your cars from dings and scratches, and keep your teenage son or daughter safe on the road. Carnaghan Thorne Insurance will have them covered in the event of accidents in parking lots or on the open road.

Antique Vehicles Insurance

Are you the person on the block with the car everyone stares at? Antique car buffs in Saint John and Sussex look to Carnaghan Thorne Insurance for the antique vehicle insurance that gives them peace of mind throughout the year. Don’t be afraid to show off your “baby;” we’ve got you covered.

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