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When it comes to getting an insurance coverage for identity theft, cyber security, legal expense and other possessions that are otherwise not covered by standard polices, turn to someone who understands what your needs are. At Carnaghan Thorne Insurance Group, we strive to give our customers a range of speciality solutions to help them protect some of their most valuable assets. We have been providing the community in southern New Brunswick with their insurance needs for over 75 years. With us, you can be assured of getting the insurance solution you need to protect yourself and your belongings in this fast-paced and technology-ridden world. Take a look at the different specialty solutions we can offer you. 

Legal Expense Insurance
You don’t know when you will be defending your legal rights in court. It can be a speeding ticket, a property dispute, or a road accident. Litigations can be an expensive affair. A legal expense insurance coverage can give you financial protection. With this type of coverage, you can have the security of knowing the legal costs are likely to be covered. Carnaghan Thorne Insurance Group can offer you legal expense insurance and advise you on the terms and conditions of taking it.

Identity Theft Insurance
Identity theft complaints have been on the rise. With social media interactions becoming a very inherent part of your lives, your important personal data, such as social insurance numbers, bank account security numbers, and credit cards, are comprised and can be stolen. Criminals can use this information to make false insurance claims or even take out a mortgage against your property. With Carnaghan Thorne Insurance Group by your side, you can get an identity theft insurance to protect yourself and your belongings.

Cyber Insurance
In an increasingly technology-dependent world, cyber security and privacy are critical to protect your business’ intellectual property and assets. What you need is a comprehensive cyber insurance policy that will help you protect your business or organization against the devastating effects of cybercrimes. Most cyber insurance plans cover a range of cyber risk losses, sensitive data breaches, and may also offer coverage for physical damage to hardware and for business income loss. Get in touch with us, and we will advise you on the cyber insurance policy that’s best suited to your business.

Home Equipment Breakdown Coverage
Homes have various household appliances, HVAC equipment, and other smart home devices installed for better convenience and comfort. This is why you need to have the right coverage to help during equipment failure. Having a home equipment breakdown coverage can offer protection should your appliances be damaged due to mechanical or electrical failure. It can protect you from expensive repair or replacement costs. Contact us to help you chose the right equipment breakdown coverage for your home.

Personal Articles Floater Policy
Sometimes a standard homeowner’s policy may not be enough to cover your personal belongings, such as jewelry, sports equipment, hearing aids, and other valuables. Having a personal articles floater policy can provide protection for valued and cherished possessions in case of damage or theft. Carnaghan Thorne Insurance Group can customize a personal articles floater policy that is tailored to your specifications the items that you want covered in this policy.

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